Posted by: Patti Dickinson | 11/05/2009

Tom Hanks, a really nice guy

Kathleen, my breaking-into-theatre-in-Chicago kid, has a real paying job, other than her internship at The Eclipse Theatre, where she is stage-managing “Democracy”.  So far, she loves this retail job, where she gets to bring her wide experience with the outdoors to work.  She has gone on a handful of Outward Bounds in her high school summers, and so knows quite a bit about how to stay warm and dry.  And that’s kind of what North Face is all about.

She’s at work on Sunday, and a young man asks for help.  He tells Kathleen he’s from California, and is a freshman at Northwestern, and this is his first winter in the Windy City.  Kathleen thinks he looks familiar.  Shortly, Kathleen hears a man approach from behind, and he begins talking to the young man from a distance.  Kathleen thinks, “Omigosh that sounds exactly like Tom Hanks.”  And it was!  Kathleen sold three jackets, one for Tom, one for his wife, and one to his son (no darn it, straight salary, no commission!)

And the best part……he called her by name!  The name tag came with the employment package!  And who would have thought it would have had such an amazing use!

This’ll be the buzz of the North Face store for weeks!


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