Posted by: Patti Dickinson | 04/13/2010

Cleaning out the garage

Beautiful day.  A sunny, breezy spring Saturday.  On the agenda?  Cleaning out the garage.

Funny after decades of working these projects together, Wood and I do a “dance” that rivals “Dancing with the Stars”.

Predictable.  Right off the bat, as I don my camp counselor demeanor and say, “Well —- how about we get started?” Wood says, “You don’t have to help.”  Chivalrous? Hardly.  I am on to him.  What he means is I-am-not-nearly-as-compulsive-as-you-are-and-if-you-help-this-will-take-three-times-as-long-as-it-ought-to.  He’s right.  Why would you spend the time sweeping leaves off the floor and not get every single leaf, even the ones stuck behind the garage door track?  So I said in a too-cheery voice, “Oh, I don’t mind.”  Not what he wanted to hear.  This is now his worst Sunday nightmare. So we worked, each of us doing what we do best…I handled the details, was the fetch-it person, and took way-too-long, by his timetable, sweeping the leaves out of the garage.  I swept off the bug-laden corners of the garage, and swept off the shelves (I showed great restraint not coming inside to get some Lemon Pledge to handle that job!)  He hauled trash out to the end of the driveway and hosed out the garage once he’d gotten rid of me!  It looks great.  And we make a pretty good team.

But the next day, when I found a couple of stray leaves that had blown back into the garage, as I stooped to pick them up I could sense that he was doing an internal-eye-roll.



  1. You forgot that I vacuumed ALL the spiders up as well! But we do make a good team. 😉

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