Posted by: Patti Dickinson | 04/23/2010

Failure to yield and the ensuing bad behavior

Those of you that know me, know that I regularly write Letters to the Editor to the Kansas City Star.  Most of these are written expressions of my incensed-ness (not a word, but it works!)  The response is almost knee-jerk automatic.  And it’s almost out of my control…..a magnetized cellular level response that needs an outlet. Right then and there.  Heck, I have been known to cancel a root canal to write to the newspaper.

Last week there was an article — front page — about a man from Olathe, Kansas. It’s a stone’s throw from my house.  He was stopped, in the morning hours, for failing to yield because he was late taking his kids to school.  The Olathe police stopped him and issued him a ticket.  He got mad and shouted an obscenity and used the hand signal that went with it.  The policeman then issued him another ticket for disorderly conduct.  So he sued.  And……won.  (I couldn’t make this up)  He was awarded $4,000 in damages.   The ruling?  Freedom of speech.  This story made national news.

Is this the implied meaning of the First Amendment to our Constitution?  Freedom to spew obscenities at a man charged with upholding the safety of the community?  This cop had to put up with this man’s nonsense — all in a day’s work?  I think that this is wrong, wrong, wrong.

To add to the insult , this guy had his young kids in the car. Fine example, sir.  Daddy breaks the law and the cop gets an earful (and an eyeful).

Me?  I would have ordered parenting classes, and sent a little red-flag memo to Child Protective Services.

Geez.  As my grandmother used to say, “How about taking your lumps?”  Graciously. Without the offensive editorializing?  I think this guy owes the men in blue an apology. Good luck with that one.


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