Posted by: Patti Dickinson | 07/16/2017

Heeding the call

Big granite rockI’ve never really given much thought to why I do what I do, why I am drawn in one direction and not another. I suppose I sort of meander my way through life, ducking and dodging, being alternately fierce and soft spoken, stamping my feet or hurrying, sliding into home plate or running just behind enough that I miss the bus.

What exactly is that call? And who’s making it? Is it shouted or is it a quiet whisper? In other words, how did I wind up just where I am on this particular day? I guess it would be the culmination of all of my decisions that landed me at this literal and figurative latitude and longitude.

So a look back at the milestone moments….an over-the-shoulder gaze into the rearview mirror of my life….daunting, eh?

Ever play the “what if’ game? It makes life one big aha. Change one little thing and the landscape of your life would look completely different. For me? Take away a chance encounter at a sophomore Sion mixer on an April 25 evening long ago and I wouldn’t be married to the man I am. Really – it was an across-the-crowded room kind of thing. Take away a chance glimpse on the Kansas City Kansas School District website and the job of teaching struggling kids wouldn’t have hit my radar. A chance reading of the Kansas City Star Sunday magazine put us in touch with the attorney that facilitated the adoption of our first kiddo.

A dance, a website and a newspaper. Who knew the power of those everyday things.

But as I tell my kids — every single time there is a crisis/meltdown/oh no moment, there is no element of chance. There is only the hand of God, gently pushing us in the direction where we belong at that moment in time. No coincidences. No wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time. Nope. Every single time it’s the right-place-at-the-right-time.

Every. Single. Time.


  1. I think of this often. For me, it was a slumber party of a girlfriend, whose house backed up to the apartments where future husband was attending KU summer school He was hanging out on his deck and invited us to come up. He & I stayed up and talked until 5 AM.

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