Posted by: Patti Dickinson | 09/22/2017

Prejudice at the pedicure place

9831868Epiphany:  (noun)  A moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of, something that is very important to you

Happened yesterday.

I was getting a pedicure.  It didn’t get off to a great start.  The woman put scalding water in the bowl where you put your feet and never, ever have my feet moved so quickly.  I had just stepped into what was degrees shy of scalding water.  I was so quick getting those size 9’s out of the water that I created my own little inpromptu science experiment, what scientists label a tsunami.  Resulting, of course, in water being sloshed all over the floor.  She refilled the bowl, this time the water was cold.  Her facial expression said, “There.  Satisfied?” leaving no room for “A little hotter, please.”  I left well enough alone.  This clearly was a woman of extremes.

Soon a young girl in her early twenties came in.  Big purse, hair in a messy bun, blond out-of-the-box hair.  Dressed in….well, I don’t remember what she was dressed in.  I only know that she was decorated with several tattoos.  And a nose piercing.  There were many gazing in her direction.  Waiting to see how she’d act, how she talked, if she was friendly, hostile, indifferent.  And it struck me, actually more like a slam backwards in my massage chair,  that there was an element of hostility you could feel.  And as bad as this was, here comes worse.  A women in her mid-sixties walks in, navy silk dress, high heels, gold oversized earrings and oh-the-cliché, pearls.  She didn’t disappoint.  Sat down next to this young girl and her body language, the expression on her face all screamed, “Get this inked-up kid another chair.”

And then I was blanketed by such sadness.  I fought tears.  Why oh why do we humans think it’s okay to judge without reason? Ink on an arm?  A nose with a hole in it?  Without even talking to this girl, you have eliminated her from your world?  Dismissed her.  Made her feel small.  No room at the table for this chick.

This stayed with me all evening, and into the morning hours today.

Because that inked-up kid is my daughter.

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