Posted by: Patti Dickinson | 02/06/2019

Short-sighted busyness

2073550At the eye doc this morning. Sitting in a too-chilly exam room, listening to the doctor in the  adjacent room talking with an elderly male patient who apparently had nothing else to do today than converse with a too-busy medical professional.

That was the beauty of the overheard conversation.  No one would ever guess that this doctor had a crowded schedule.

She had a way about her.

She listened.  She responded in a way that didn’t scream, hey-I’m-busy-I’m-not-here-to-have-a-big-conversation-about-stuff-unrelated-to-your-eye-care.

He talked about his last trip to Arizona, complete with temperature and humidity percentages.  He talked about his wife who always misplaces her readers.  He debated, out loud, over whether the third letter of the fourth row of the eye chart was a z or a 2 or an s.

And she listened.  And was gracious.  And made him feel important and cared about.

She would say that it was not a big deal, part of her job, etc.  But we know many professionals that could/should do that and don’t.  This isn’t a skill that’s taught in med school. There they teach in and out, backing toward the door after 3.8 minutes.

She had a way about her.

Why are we in such a hurry? Why do we race around like our hair’s on fire?  When the microwave isn’t fast enough for you, that’s a pretty good indicator that you are on life’s superhighway. And that’s only good if you’re a car.

Better yet, have a way about you.











  1. Loved this. A DR. with compassion. God Bless her. I have found since living alone, I have sort of become this man. It is lonely. I keep my friends on the phone too long. Used to hate to have conversations with people at the grocery store. Now I relish it. Shopping has become my social life along with E Mail and FB. I can keep in touch with friends and the outside world. One thing I did notice the last time I was at an eye doctor office, most people were my age and probably there for cataracts

    none of us were hanging onto our cell phones. I have a phone but hardly ever use it. Just keep recharging it. Makes my purse heavier. Became a fan of PEOPLE WATCHING.

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