About Me

I was born in June, 1953. I have been married to my husband, Wood, for 34 years. During that time, we had eight children — six girls and two boys. Unwavering Irish Catholics. I began this motherhood journey thinking I was going to run a 5K in pretty good time. It has been more like a marathon, alternating between “hitting the wall” and gasping for breath.

I love listening to my kids reminisce. Then I recognize that it hasn’t all been lost library books, dead fish, broken curfews, dented fenders, soggy washcloths on the floor of the shower and sticky refrigerator door handles. We’ve celebrated personal and public victories and we’ve settled our differences and confronted pain in many ways — though tears, slammed doors, quivering chins, stony silences and retreating. But always, always we’ve had each other’s back.

My friends would tell you that I am generous, funny, willing to do just about anything for them and could be a stockholder in Gap khaki shorts. I am reliable and live and die by a to-do list.

My kids would tell you that I am available, that I know who they are, maybe even when they don’t. That I have a big heart. That I am passionate about not incarcerating children, knitting, curly hair, mowing every blade of grass with no residual fringe, dimples and honesty.

I am a roll-up-my-shirtsleeves type of woman. I volunteer at the KC Free Clinic. I am a talker. You probably wouldn’t want to sit next to me on a cross-country airplane flight or stand in line next to me at the motor vehicle place. I am a morning person, hate clutter and make a mean fried egg sandwich. I am a backgammon champ.

I began writing in high school — bad, bad poetry. As an adult, I wrote letters to the editor of the KC Star. Four Ordinary Women is my first book.

Other books by Patti Dickinson:

No Windows No Doors crossing the threshold of homelessnessBUY


  1. Hi again! I tried to click on the “Four Ordinary Women” link to see your book and it didn’t take me very far. Is your book in print?

    • To buy a signed copy of the book please write to Patti Dickinson with your request. Enclose a check for $21.95 for the book and $5.00 for postage and handling for a total of $26.95. Make your check payable to 4 Ordinary Women, LLC.

      Mail this to:
      Think, LLC
      5799 Broadmoor St
      Ste. 550
      Mission, KS 66202

  2. what’s the book about?
    susan [at] susantordella [dot] net

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